A Trading Enterprise Developing Its Own Specialty Products for the Global Market

TOYOBO STC is the core global trading company of the Toyobo Group. It was established in April 2008 through the merger of the former Shinko Sangyo Co., Ltd., and the Fabric Division of Toyobo.

In the fabrics business, TOYOBO STC is moving forward with expanding the lineup and sales of functional fabrics that are based on Toyobo??s technology and development capabilities. At the same time, TOYOBO STC is responding to the needs of its customers in the apparel and textile fields through its domestic and international network. In the chemicals and functional materials businesses, which are specialty businesses of the Toyobo Group, TOYOBO STC is offering business solutions to customers around the world.

TOYOBO STC is a trading enterprise that provides not only trading services for selling a lineup of high-function products drawing on the core technologies and other assets of the Toyobo Group as a whole but is also engaged in the development of its own products.

President Chief Operating Officer

Shigeki Sano