Functional Products Operating Division

Inventiveness and Development Capabilities to Meet a Diversity of Needs for Industrial Materials.

Based on textile-related technologies, this division uses new materials and functional textiles to respond to a diversity of needs through innovative combinations of technology, information, sales, and other capabilities. The division then markets these products not only in Japan but also through a global network and transmits the messages of “new materials” and “functional materials” globally.

Industrial Products Dept.

Industrial Materials Division

Industrial Materials from Basic and Intermediate to Finished Products.

As a comprehensive supplier in the industrial materials field, this division uses its technology, information, and international network to develop markets ranging from basic and intermediate materials to finished products. This division aims to offer a broad range of solutions, create new business models, and develop new markets based on the capabilities for innovation it has accumulated as a product development-oriented trading company.

*High-performance Fibers (MOISCAREreg.jpg/LANSEALreg.jpg /CELFINEreg.jpg /TECTUSreg.jpg
/BREATHAIRreg.jpg /DIAFLORAreg.jpg , and others) *Functional fine particle, high-performance emulsion *High-performance reinforcement scrim *Building, civil engineering, agricultural materials *Amusement-related materials*Canvas, tent fabric, tarpaulins *Life-materials related products *Care-related products*Car-related products *Warming prevention material (EARTHKEYPER)*

Functional Materials Dept.

Functional Materials Division

Turning Functional Materials into Innovative Products.

This division offers high-performance fibers, top-performing textile materials, high-performance filter materials that contribute to environmental preservation, as well as medical and hygienic materials that provide high levels of safety and comfort. This division also makes skillful use of a diversity of materials, especially high-performance industrial textiles to develop new markets based on its global business model.

*Various industrial filters *High- functional fiber(P84/PPS/PTFE/Glass/Aramid/Carbon and others) *Spunbond *Nonwoven cloth* Medical-disposal products Hygienic materials *Bandage *Resin *Special cloth for industrial use *Reinforcement scrim *Fiber raw materials
*High-performance Fibers (DYNEEMAreg.jpg /Tsunoogareg.jpg / ZYLONreg.jpg / MOISCAREreg.jpg /LANSEALreg.jpg /CELFINEreg.jpg /TECTUSreg.jpg
/BREATHAIR(R) and others) *Functional fine particle, high-performance emulsion *Ground fabrics for Air Bags *Life-materials related products *Care-related products*Car-related products
DYNEEMAreg.jpg is manufactured in Nippon Dyneema Co., Ltd (Osaka,Japan),
a joint venture established by DSM Dyneema (Urmond, Holland) and Toyobo,