1882 Osaka-bo and Mie-bo merged and established TOYOBO
1914 The base of the company, Osaka-bo and Mie-bo established.
1931 Merged with Osaka Godobo
1966 Merged with Kureha-bo
1989 Daiya Fibers Co., Ltd. assigns the business transaction of the Acryl .ber, “Exlan” division.
2002 Establish Toyobo Wool Co., Ltd. (Renamed to Toyobo Co., Ltd. from April, 2003)
2003 Adopt a business place system in Toyama area, managing all three spinning and weaving processing factories (Nyuzen, Inami, Shogawa).
2004 Opened China Fabric O.ce. (The current Chinese o.ce in Shanghai in China)


1936 Company established.
1947 Began textile trading activities as an affiliate of Toyobo Co., Ltd.
1961 Listed in the second section of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock.
1995 Merged with Nagao Shoji Co., Ltd.
2003 Delist from market, becomes 100% a.liate company of Toyobo Co., Ltd.
2008 Development and Sales division of fabric operating department in Toyobo and Fabric division (apparel department, textile department), high-functional material division (.lm/functional resin, industrial material, life science) in Shinko Sangyo integrates, and establish Toyobo STC.